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Choosing the Right Business for You

Everybody wants to be their own boss. But what do you do? What industry is the best industry for building a successful business? The general consensus of experts believes you should discover what you love to do and find ways to make money from doing what you love. What if you don’t know what you love to do or there are many things that you love to do?

Analyze the top three things you enjoy if you can’t narrow it down to one. Research each of the industries and figure out which will have the best opportunity for you as a business owner. The most important things to look for are longevity, potential growth of the industry and your enthusiasm for the industry.

Many new business owners jump on the next bandwagon of great business ideas. The business experts all say that most small business owners fail in the first couple of years due to poor planning. However, there has to be some consideration for people lacking the motivation to make the business work because it wasn’t something they loved to be involved in from the beginning.

Longevity is important for any business. Are you investigating a new field that may be replaced by something else in the next three years? That’s not longevity. That’s following the latest trend. Perhaps there is still a business opportunity at the core of the business. Do you remember the beanie baby craze a decade ago? How many entrepreneurs jumped on that bandwagon? Even McDonald’s was giving away beanie babies in their happy meals. That craze died down in no time. Smart entrepreneurs would have seen the potential in the core business – children’s collectible – versus the just making money from the brand beanie baby.

Determining growth potential isn’t always easy. No one can see into the future (without reading the projections by the industry leaders and the trade journals). Do your research. Talk to people working within the industries you are looking into and read the trade journals. Is there going to be a technological advanced introduced to the general public in the near future that will expand the growth potential of the industry? Or is it a new industry that’s just cracking the surface of pulling in its core market? Day dream about ways you could expand the business once it’s gotten started. If you see the growth potential, then maybe you’ve discovered your next business venture.

Back the enthusiasm. No matter how many people want the products or services you are selling, it means nothing in the long run if you don’t enjoy working in the industry. If you sell toys, but don’t like children, you will never last in that industry. Just because you have a friend who has made a great six figure salary as a financial consultant in the last couple of years, doesn’t mean it’s a great business idea for you if you are bad with numbers.

In order for your business to be successful, you have to love it or enjoy doing it. Take a minute to consider the things at the top of your list and their potential for a business with longevity, growth potential and the ability to hold your interests. If you think your interested in starting a cell phone business, CLICK HERE!

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